The Bend Your Knees Foundation is a Georgia 501(c) 3 non-profit started in loving memory of Collins Dixon to raise money to be able to give back to others. Our focus is to spread awareness of Brain tumors in children, support families with a child that has a brain tumor and support other organization that work with children with brain tumors.

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How we help OTHERS…

1 – Raise Awareness of kids with brain tumors.

We raise awareness through t-shirts sales, Collins’ Scholarships, support of community events,  and the various fund raisers we do or support.

2 – Support  Families with a child with a brain tumor.

We support local families that have a child with a brain tumor by giving directly to a family and help the family with fund raising efforts.

3 – Support other organizations and events to reach families in other communities.

Through the funds we raised over the years we have been able to help several families not only locally in Cherokee County, but throughout the Southeast. For instance, working with other organizations like the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation and the Collins Dixon Memorial fund we have been able to give to children outside of our local reach. By doing so we have been able to help numerous families in the following states: Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Massachusetts, South Carolina and Tennessee.

Giving Back to others is only part of the mission of Collins’ foundation. Collins’ faith in the Lord Jesus Christ was strong. As his body grew weaker, his faith grew stronger. Jesus was real to Collins’. He showed us how to FINISH STRONG!

Thank you for your interest in Collins’ foundation. 

God Bless and FINISH STRONG!

I am amazed every time Bend your Knees, Inc is present and involved in our community. Their heart is for the Lord, to honor Collins Dixon and the help those in need. It is truly the organization that will be there to help other families with children with cancer. Their actions give hope and strength to those in need. Out of their loss, they chose to Give Back!

Dawn J.


Bend Your Knees, Inc. Foundation Sponsor

BYK 2014 Foundation Sponsor
The McCamish Group is proud to sponsor Collins Dixon’s foundation, Bend Your Knees, Inc. What an inspiration Collins was to so many people, young and old.  His spirit and strength live on today. We believe the work that Bend Your Knees is doing to support families impacted by children with brain tumors is extremely important work. Leaning on their faith, Robin and Bob have transformed a tragedy in their lives to a blessing in the lives of others through Collins’ Foundation. Collins was full of life and never gave up. He showed us through his faith how to live fully and FINISH STRONG, while his Foundation helps perpetuate that path for families in need. Please consider supporting an organization that truly is making a difference to families with children who are suffering from brain tumors.
Gordon Beckham
President of The McCamish Group, LLC.

Bend Your Knees, Inc. is fully compliant with the IRS 501(c)(3) laws and regulations, and your contribution may be tax deductible. 

Please consult your tax professional for advice.