Jenn and Collins

Collins’ foundation, Bend Your Knees, Inc., holds a very special place in our heart, and I feel honored to share what Collins, the Dixon’s and this foundation means to me and my family.

We have known the Dixon’s for many years. Our oldest son Brendan and Collins were teammates and friends on the football field and basketball court. Unfortunately following our last basketball game of the season, in 2011, Collins would embark on the fight of his life.

From the time he was diagnosed until the day the Lord called him home on Janurary 14, 2012, Collins was the ultimate WARRIOR!  He showed a community what it meant to trust in God’s plan, to fight a valiant fight, and to live by the slogan “Let my work, speak for me”!

Personally for me, Collins & his amazing family made an impression on my heart and inspired me to invest in my faith. His spiritual devotion, faith and trust in God’s plan moved not only my family but an entire community to Bend Our Knees! Although this saying started as a chant on the basketball court to his brother Ronnie as he shot free throw’s, it soon became his trademark to doing things “the right way” on the court and in life.

Collins was an amazing young man with a contagious smile! Although he left a huge void for many here on this earth, his spirit and message is very much alive. Collins’ foundation, Bend Your Knees, Inc., not only keeps that beautiful boy’s memory alive, it provides much needed resources for others who are facing similar battles.

BYK holds a very special place in the hearts of my family. Every year on our Carroll family reunion, we run a 5K in Collin’s honor. As the youngest of 12 kids, you can imagine how big these reunions have become. Last year in Nags Head we had 60+ runners (and my 86 year old mom on a tandem bike) to honor his fight, his faith, and to show his family that we will never forget their sweet boy!!

Collins hard work and faith definitely spoke for him while he was physically here on earth and it continues to do so through his family and this amazing foundation!!!



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