Collins came into this world,  Blessing Robin and Bob.

God gave them a son  Bringing them a new job.

God blessed him with brothers  To help teach right from wrong.

But throughout his battle,   He taught them how to FINISH STRONG!

He loved to play sports,   all kinds of games.

He brought joy to his parents,  was he destined for fame?

Life moved on, as life always will.   Collins improved, honing his skill.

Then headaches began,  Not sure of the reason.

The Dixon’s were thrown into a dark foreboding season!

As diagnosis came, with cancer the cause.

Bob and Robin’s whole life, came to a dreadful pause.

But Collins was brave and continued to live

a life full of courage only wanting to give!

As Collins body was weakened his faith only grew.

The end was inevitable,  Bob and Robin knew.

He touched many lives, with his faith and his heart,

Collins’ foundation, Bend Your Knees, Inc.,  would soon get its start.

As the disease took its toll,  God called Collins home.

No more pain for our Collins,   No more sin no more wrong,

Come in to your rest my son,   You taught them all to FINISH STRONG!

Doug Key

Member of Board of Directors

Doug is owner of Key’s Jewelry and serves as a director on BYK’s board helping provide guidance on various activities the foundation is involved with.

Doug Key

Doug Key, BYK Director