Amy and Brian with Collins

I have never found myself with a shortage of words…anyone that knows me would be shaking their head up and down- so true! The honest truth is that it is really difficult to put into words how much I love the whole Dixon Family! And it’s a big group of you guys. LOVE Everyone of them! I can’t even begin to imagine what they personally have gone through with the journey that they have been sequestered on. But I know each of us has tried to imagine the Intense hurt and loss of a child to stage 4 malignant pediatric brain tumor. Like getting hit by a bus or some other tragedy that our minds take us to. But that is not where I am trying to take you. But, you will admit, your mind has already been there.

You have cried about it and struggled with it. So for purposes of my goal here today, please bring your mind away from thinking about the loss of our child. Thankfully we know our Collins is in Heaven and his suffering is over. He is redeemed!! He has been set free! His family and friends are now the ones to whom we need to lift up. Because life here goes on… and people forget… but his parents and family do not have that luxury to forget. They do not want to.

They are focused and have heard the call to begin a mighty mission! It the Bend Your Knees, non profit which helps families who are in the midst of the storm. The families who just got the first tidal wave from a doctor that something is wrong. The first look at that MRI and frantically trying to see some hope. The little girl who has been diagnosed with the same tumor Collins had and she really really wants a new toy while she is at the hospital getting chemo treatments. Or how about the family who has taken the last leave of absence at work and every credit card is near their limit but need gas money because they drive back and forth to a hospital sometimes 3 times a day because their child wants that special blanket or game from home and they are desperately trying to provide comfort in an inevitable battle with a terrible disease.

These families are at WAR! And when soldiers battle they need support and others to build them up! That is us! That is what we do!

Time goes on… and people forget… But true friendships and God made plans do not fail. They grow stronger and gain momentum. When given the opportunity to help someone, when you are able, people help. It has been proven again and again. There are amazingly generous people in the world. They are generous and giving with their time, talents and treasures.

So what I am hoping to remind or rekindle within you, is that feeling of how you have helped BEND YOUR KNEES and when you did, knowing how much of an impact you made on Collins family and encouraged them and gave them hope and strength to carry on! You see, because the hope you give always comes back. It comes back in much more powerful ways than you could ever imagine- fruits of our labor….but wait, I did not share some of the fruits of this ministry with you!

The families that BYK has helped while in the midst of their storm. There are many but there are many more that need prayer and help.

So please keep praying, keep volunteering, keep serving and helping those in need and in the storm.

So I will get on bended knee (the place where the best work ever comes from) I ask youth prayerfully keep the Dixons lifted up. God has entrusted them and our BYK Board with continuing the good works our servant Collins started here on earth.

Thank you for all you have done and continue to do! It’s going to be a great year helping families of pediatric brain cancer! The need is great but our God is greater! We have some great events in the works and can’t do it alone!

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I love the Dixons!

❤️ Amy Turcotte

Amy has been a member of the Bend Your Knees, Inc. board since 2011.