About Us

Collins was a very athletic boy playing football and basketball. On February 10th, 2011 he was at basketball practice and got an innocent hit in the head with a basketball, but he started complaining about a headache, no worries though. A week later he seem to start with a virus (headache and no energy) while we were on a family trip to the mountains. We returned from the mountains and took him to urgent care and it was confirmed a virus. He continued with “the virus” into the second week with no improvement. After a visit to the emergency room and 2 more visits to the doctor we were told to go to Childrens’ at Scottish Rite where a CT Scan showed a Brain Tumor in the center of his brain.

Collins was called home to be with God January 14th, 2012. We are praising Jesus and so thankful that Collins passing was peaceful. Collins is now fully healed and restored. If we could see just a momentary glimpse of the amazing splendor and Glory of Heaven right now, we would be able to see Collins fully healed BY HIS STRIPES and the celebration that is happening right now is beyond anything we have ever seen or witnessed on earth. The lives that Collins has impacted and witnessed to and the dedications of souls for eternal salvation- total numbers of lives forever given to Jesus Christ is something we will never know…until the day that we are each called home…but we know that number is many and fully believing that by forever sharing Collins story and testimony of his UNWAVERING faith will continue to change lives…

 Collins wanted to Give Back to Others

The Bend Your Knees Foundation was started as a Georgia 501(c) 3 non-profit to raise money to be able to give back. Our focus is to spread awareness of Brain tumors in children, support families with a child that has a brain tumor and support other organization that work with children with brain tumors such as the Brain Tumor Foundation for Children.

How do we do this?

1 – Raise Awareness of kids with brain tumors.

We raise awareness through t-shirts sales, Collins’ Scholarships, support of community events,  and the various fund raisers we do or support.

2 – Support  Families with a child with a brain tumor.

We support local families that have a child with a brain tumor by giving directly to a family and help the family with fund raising efforts.

3 – Support the Brain Tumor Foundation for Children. How do we do this and why the Brain Tumor Foundation for Children?

We are able to support other families at a metro area by giving to the Brain Tumor Foundation for Children. We have designated the Brain Tumor Foundation for Children because Collins like the people there and thought they were doing good things, plus Collins’ doctor, Dr. MacDonald recommended them because they help families of a child with a tumor and more help is needed for the families because of the impact it has on the family than for research.

The Bend Your Knees Foundation does not receive any government funding to provide its services. It relies solely on the generosity of individual donors, grants from foundations and corporate giving programs, and proceeds raised through BYK fundraisers which include the Collins Dixon Bend Your Knees 5K and the Collins Dixon Bend Your Knees Golf Outing.

Donations from individuals make up a major portion of gifts received by Bend Your Knees, Inc.  These gifts are extremely important — it is the way we as a community are able to carry on Collins wish to give back to others.  A donation can be made in memory or in honor of a loved one or friend, in celebration of a birthday, anniversary, marriage, graduation or other special event.  Every donation is special.

PLEASE NOTE: Upon payment you may provide comments in the “special instructions” field to indicate if your donation is in honor or in memory of a loved one, in recognition of an anniversary, birthday or wedding, or for any other occasion. If you would like us to notify someone that a gift from you has been made (we do not provide the amount), please also include that person’s name and address.

Bend Your Knees, Inc. is fully compliant with the IRS 501(c)(3) laws and regulations, and your contribution may be tax deductible. 

Please consult your tax professional for advice.