Collins 5KEach year, for the past eight years, friends and family have come together each July to celebrate Collins birthday and life during Collins 5K. This year, we will be celebrating a bit differently from our usual in person event due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, so we will be holding a virtual 5K between October 25th through October 31st (Halloween). This is a meaningful community event and a great way to raise awareness of childhood brain cancer along with raising money to support families that are facing the battle and journey of a child with a cancerous brain tumor. Funds raised will be used to raise awareness of pediatric brain tumors, depression, addiction and grief support in loving memory of both Collins and Sonny.

Bend Your Knees, Inc. would like to invite you to support us with this incredible event.  We are striving to continue our annual celebration of “giving back” in honor of Collins and Sonny, despite not being able to hold our usual in-person event.


Please join Bend Your Knees in making a difference in the lives of these families. With any event, sponsorship is key to the success of the event. We have various levels of sponsorship, detailed on the attached sheet; however, any monetary donation (which is tax-deductible) will be greatly appreciated.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at 404-271-1360, email


Bob Dixon and Ronnie Chastain
President/CEO and Race Director
Bend Your Knees, Inc.

Collins 5K Sponsorship packet