March is a strange time of year in the South. The battle between Winter and Spring. For me, March is a reminder of the early days of Collins battle against a terrible killer that shows no mercy…but there is a Spring because of a promise that someone made to me! You see we had no options for Collins. No miracle drug for a cure or even a little more time. All we had was a promise made by our Heavenly Father.

Have you ever thought what it must of felt like for our Heavenly Father to watch his Son suffer on the Cross for our sins knowing He could save him. He had options. Think about it. I would have done anything to save Collins because of the love I have for my son. God could have done anything and saved His son, but instead he allowed him to be sacrificed for our sins. Think about that for minute…puts John 3:16 into prospective doesn’t it.

Robin and I often tell about Collins faith because Jesus was REAL to Collins. When Collins prayed he looked UP, not down. There was no doubt that Jesus was in the very room with us. We witnessed Collins’ faith growing stronger as his body grew weaker. Collins showed us how to FINISH STRONG!

That is part of the reason we started Collins’ foundationBend Your Knees, Inc. . See when the the dreaded killer attacks it doesn’t care who the person is (It could be a boy or a girl. An infant or a toddler or a teen). It just attacks. So we have to battle and rage a war against it! The sad part about this war is we are only in the infancy of the war against this type of brain tumor. And according to Collins’ doctor this is after 30 years of research.

So what do we do? We help the families that are going through this battle and this war because that is where we can help the most and Give Back like Collins wanted to do. Together we will start to win the battles and eventually the war.

Let’s all work together in 2014 to make this a year that is known as the year we one the battle that ultimately changed the war against this dreaded tumor!

Thanks everyone for your support!


Bob Dixon

Collins’ Dad