As a father, as your son is growing up you dream of him being the quarterback of his football team and scoring a touchdown and Collins did. You dream of him growing up and having a beautiful family and being successful in life and making a difference in the world. In Collins’ case he has far exceeded my dreams.

You see, our Lord and Savior has a desire for us and I believe Collins’ is an living example of God’s desires for us. It is not the things of this world that determine how successful we are. It is a close personal relationship with our Father that is his desire. Collins showed us  in a short 10 months at the age of 12 this close personal relationship.

I have often wondered what was going through his mind as he laid in bed those last days. Showing us how to die with dignity…clutching a cross in his hand. Showing us how to hold on to your faith no matter what this world throws your way. As his body grew weaker, his faith grew stronger and he showed us all how to FINISH STRONG! in his faith in Jesus Christ.

Today, July 22, 2014, we celebrate Collins’ 15th birthday. While I am sad and miss Collins beyond what I can express in mere words I have a sense of peace and a heart of joy because of what Collins showed us in those last months. Living life to the fullest, evident by attending the Georgia Bulldog Bowl game on January 1st and then going home on January 14, 2012 and staying true to his faith and growing closer to our heavenly father as his days on this earth grew shorter.

People often wonder is there a heaven. Well, I am not one of those people. I know there is a heaven and I know one day I will be there to live out my dream of being with Collins again and meeting his beautiful family in heaven!

Thank you Lord for all your wonderful promises! They are so much more than my dreams! Thank you Lord for sending your son, Jesus to save me from my sinful self. Thank you Lord for Collins! Help us Lord to make a difference and to remember to FINISH STRONG! in all that we do! AMEN